In Case of Death, Delete My Account Please

Well, we’re on Spring Break in Hawaii, and I’ve done nothing but catch up on sleep and go to the dentist. Spring Break takes a different turn when you’re done with college, but even then, all I did was sleep.

I’m perusing through blogs to see what I may be missing and I’m obsessed with changing themes – sign of procrastination, for sure when I should just write. There’s nothing witty coming to me about writing a post on sleep or the lack of sleep, but it did get me thinking about death, for some stupid reason.

What will happen to my blog in the case of death? We’ve all seen those Facebook pages when someone dies and their Facebook page becomes a memorial. I’ve visited a deceased friend’s page when I find myself missing her, especially around the holidays or her birthday.

What was creepy was on the day of another deceased friend’s birthday, there was a comment from his account. Mutual friends left birthday wishes and missing you posts, then there was a reply from his account  thanking everyone for their love and wishes. Creepy. I figured it was a loved one who had access to his account.

My sister-in-law’s sister passed away a couple of years ago, and wanted to contact Facebook about taking her page down. I told her to leave it since so many of her friends still visit and post things about her. It still helps with the grieving process, I suppose.

Who would know about my WordPress account? No one really. If I passed away, would all this stuff be memorialized forever on the Internet? Should I leave directions for my loved ones with a list of my online accounts and passwords to delete my various online accounts? What would you do?

Just something I think about for no apparent reason.