Dump Starbucks for Selling Out to Commercialism

I came across this link: Starbucks CEO: No Tolerance For Traditional Marriage Supporters | Restoring Liberty via a mutual friend on Facebook and quickly thought to myself, “Bye-bye Starbucks.”

I’m not boycotting it for this purpose, but rather for its growing commercialism.

Seriously though, Mr. Starbucks CEO has made such a bold statement as to alienate a lot of coffee drinkers, and bible-believing customers with a rather reverse discrimination of sorts. The funny thing is will those for traditional marriage actually boycott Starbucks from now on or because of this?

I recall an earlier post I’d written about the annoying aspect of laptop users monopolizing coffee shops and limiting their time for other customers as noticing my irritation with overcrowded coffee shops. However, at the same time I had commented on bible study groups gathering at Starbucks for payer and bible study and its effect on other customers. I now see it as too commercial and franchised.

My point is that Starbucks was such a welcoming place to hang out before its popularity (and when you can find a seat). The article also stated that the CEO said it wants to, “embrace diversity of all kinds.” So the remark about shareholders (and customers) who believe in traditional marriage needing to find business elsewhere cannot be part of this diversity they are willing to embrace?

What is the deal with the Starbucks experience anyway? I can get the same Starbucks “experience” from my Kuerig with overpriced k-cups and my own random music collection. What also gets my goat about the store is that they should be blamed for glamorizing coffee drinking in children. Little kids walk out with cups of hot cocoa in Starbucks coffee cups, like they too are part of its coolness. Or maybe it’s just hipster parents that are at fault.

I find it all amusing. I started shaking my head at the company when I first saw a drive-thru window installed at a local Starbucks. Then, the second strike for me was when Starbucks k-cups became  purchasable in bulk at Costco. I’ve been long past the third strike in my disappointment with the company.

The article did note that sales did drop last year, apparently, when anti-gay, pro-traditional marriage consumers started a boycott against Starbucks.

photo courtesy of http://www.dumpstarbucks.com/

Maybe what I find most intriguing about this “controversy” is the reverse prejudice and alienation at such a large scale – very ballsy to take a stand on discriminating traditionalists rather than what society is used to as the norm in having discrimination the other way around as anti-gay has had its share of public boycott.

However, the demise and fall from grace will not be via moral consciousness, but monetary and unfortunately, financial matters will speak louder than words when business is concerned. We shall watch and see. . .

I may be a traditionalist but Starbucks lost me with their mass commercialism a long time ago. Do you care? I’m not partial to Starbucks coffee anyway. There’s still a lot of good coffee out there, or do you prefer tea, water, juice another beverage  instead?

4 thoughts on “Dump Starbucks for Selling Out to Commercialism

  1. You gave me something to think about. I haven’t been going to Starbucks that much anyway because it costs too much for something that I can make at home. But, I do agree that many Christians will frequent the place for their meetings. I personally never felt comfortable about that. Do I really want that guy at the next table to hear what I’m talking about? Sure, it looks like he’s in his own world, working at his laptop, but you never know if he’s listening.

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