Single Parent Educator Chooses to Homeschool

I’m a rather ambitious person, not in a competitive, corporate climbing way, but always looking for self-improvement. It helps to set and attain tangible goals – a degree here, a certificate of accomplishment; I love learning new things, finishing a completed crochet afghan and even time to finish that novel on my bedstand. So I like striving for new goals. . .  Nothing has ever really stood in my way.

Supermom and her son (I am not)

. . . until I became a single parent, which is a story in itself (to be shared later).

I won’t go into the pro versus cons of being a single parent at the moment, but I’ve learned to set aside some of my personal ambitions to focus on my son, (while he is still young). One of those decisions was to seek higher education. I’d like to get a PhD before I’m too feeble to drive myself around, and venture into higher education, curriculum and multi-cultural studies someday maybe.

I’m a dreamer, but I used to feel like several things in my life had to be put on hold. But rather, God had different plans for me.

I’ve dealt with the bitterness, wallowed in self-pity regarding my personal circumstances, but never at the expense of my son. I don’t regret the choices and situations I’m going through, but it has became so much more apparent in recent years with my son’s  dyslexia and schooling that it isn’t about me right now.

Single parenting has its own set of challenges, but after working as a full-time classroom teacher, I get too exhausted for my son at home. This fact was one of the major issues I’ve had to overcome this first year of homeschooling. It made me wonder the following:

  1. will I be a less than effective homeschooling mom?
  2. and will this make me less effective in my job as a classroom teacher?

A couple of things I keep telling myself is to, “keep work-related things at work” and “don’t bring anything home.” I try my absolute best to leave the classroom with only my purse and no stack of papers to grade. (I will address this work smarter, not harder  in an educational post, because it can be done).

I try my best in the classroom to help all of my students, and I know the public school system in general is failing, but I entrusted that system with my child, and it failed me miserably so much that I took his education into my own hands.

I came across this article in Education News: Number of Homeschoolers Growing Nationwide | Education News. While it was an affirmation for homeschooling, the discussion commentary left me reeling with the unnecessary antagonism between homeschooling and public education.

How do you keep your focus on your child(ren)’s education?

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