Daily Prompt: Local Flavor – Write a piece about a typically “local” experience from where you come from as though it’s an entry in a travel guide.

Serious. It’s not about the pineapple, mangoes or whatever tropical fruits there are to offer in Hawaii, but it’s all about  SPAM. I dare you. Everyone pokes fun at Hawaii and their love of SPAM, but even Andrew Zimmern, when Bizzare Foods visited Hawaii was SPAM not worthy of his palate.

Sure, you can try the Shave Ice from the North Shore’s Matsumoto’s Shave Ice, but what makes you local is the consumption of spam musubis. It’s a perfect snack, grab-n-go, and you’re on your way.

English: Photo of a dish of SPAM musubi
Photo of a dish of SPAM musubi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Danno, from Hawaii 5-0 won’t try it, but he hates living in Hawaii. What cracks me up is that there are recipe books just for SPAM. The above picture is simple, but it can also contain another layer of rice, and or longer strips of nori, the seaweed, the length of the musubi.

As a tourist, attending luaus can provide a sampling of Hawaiian food and dance, but true local style? – spam musubi, perfect for the beach.

We know it came to Hawaii during World War II, and  we don’t discuss how or what is in the can. We just appreciate when theirs a tray of spam musubis around, but admittedly it is a pain to make.

There is a rectangular mold you can use – a spam musubi maker. The size of the mold fits the shape of the spam perfectly. Slice the spam lengthwise, then usually marinated in shoyu and sugar before frying. The first layer of rice is smashed down, then placed with a slice of spam and then another layer of rice, pressed down in the mold in a rectangular shape. Then wrapped with nori. Basic.