The Difference Between Male and Female Educators: Sting Gives Sound Advice

Mr. N was my first male tacher in elementary school; He was the P.E. teacher and he taught us to tumble, use safety precautions around the trampoline. My most favorite elementary P.E. game was with the parachute, especially when the entire class held it over our heads, took a few steps toward the middle and sat down on it so that the parachute enclosed us.

This prompt: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a member of the opposite sex for a day? What do you think life would be like? Daily Prompt: Trading Places | The Daily Post made me think about whether male teachers or female teachers are more effective in education.

I think it might be too large for me to analyze at the moment, but several thoughts come to mind. Are certain subjects better taught by one gender over another? But then I think of the school where I am employed, and there are a lot of male teachers employed almost equally in all departments. Is it awkward for male teachers to teach in the elementary school level? Then I think of the male teachers who were able to reach my son when he first struggled with dyslexia.

Since I teach at the middle school level, our students, with their raging hormones can cause unnecessary drama for teachers. I’ve always suspected that at this age, the students are “checking out” the opposite sex and so I’ve always been mindful with the way I dress, but with all the modesty precautions, you’ll catch a wandering eye or glance, when least expected.

When a male colleague of mine first started teaching at the school, our 8th grade students had massive crushes on him. They spied tribal tattoos on his arms, wanted to spend recesses in his classroom. At an assembly, we sat next to each other, whispering to one another in conversation. Well, lo and behold, students started rumors about he and I – how cute we looked together, and they’d comment on how we’d make a cute couple. Other girls were outraged, and my classroom door was egged.

We laughed it off, and these pre-teen students will want to continue the drama, but we won’t go there.


Don’t Stand So Close to Me

Would I want to be in his place? No, I have no idea what it’d be like to be in a guy’s shoes. Maybe I wouldn’t need to do as much of my bathroom, make up, hair routine in the mornings, but I like being female. I can be a girl, have girly moments, but all in all I’m 100% woman.

I warned another male colleague of mine to be careful with getting too familiar with students. He’s fairly new and a softy, so kids tend to take advantage of his niceness. One day, his class was assigned to cafeteria duty. All the boys volunteered, and a call was made to my classroom because the cafe was short student workers. I later found out that the girls in his class didn’t want to go, and he told them it was okay. I was mad. He allowed these girls to “sweet talk” him out of cafeteria duty just because they didn’t want to go. As a result, they interfered with my students and their learning because of their selfishness. What gets my goat, is he allowed it.

I don’t think its a male/female issue, but rather his lack of experience. But in these pre-teen years, the girls are learning how to get away with things, and maybe there are certain things that a woman will catch where a man wouldn’t. . . .just sayin’.

Do you think there’s a difference between male and female teachers?

2 thoughts on “The Difference Between Male and Female Educators: Sting Gives Sound Advice

  1. Interesting post. I homeschool my kids, but I think my husband is a better teacher. Even though he doesn’t do it anymore, he used to teach elementary grades, but I don’t think that’s what makes him a better teacher. Some people, male or female, just have a way with getting and keeping a young child’s attention.

    1. it surprised me to know that some people aren’t comfortable around children at all, i thought that was strange and interesting too

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