Why Do I Blog? My Free-write Exercise.

Writing (Photo credit: jjpacres)

I blog because I’ve got something to say, and not everyone around me will always want to listen. It’s the sad truth, but more than just a therapeutic vent, I find freedom and relaxation in writing.

My day job has me reading and editing student papers, itemizing the sentence structure with simple subject-verb agreements that this platform allows me to write for myself and explore my own thoughts.

As a teacher, I’m always challenging students with writing and reading goals. Blogging with WordPress has allowed me to practice what I preach. I find enjoyment in the community. The encouragement, camaraderie and creativity here is my idea of fun.

Students complain about filling a page with the number of words, and as I write, I notice the mindset behind allowing the words to flow, making connections, providing details and description where appropriate.

So I enjoy taking part in the challenges such as the Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question | The Daily Post. It helps me keep my skills sharp in a leisurely way that isn’t stressful or connected to my job at all.