I Want To Learn How to Sew

I love answering prompts. It’s what I do all day trying to get my 8th grade students to write a decent response paragraph. So for fun. . . I’m going to answer this week’s prompt: What do you want to learn next? Prompt #2: The Writing on Learning Exchange: What I Want To Learn Now « Classroom as Microcosm.

I want to learn how to sew, but I’m the type of person who needs to take lessons. I’m pathetic. I bought a sewing machine (with a rolling case) and it remains untouched up against the wall collecting dust. I attended a woman’s sewing group and the project was between a table runner or a casserole dish cover up. Blech! I need basics, like how to thread the darn machine and figuring out what a bobbin does. I don’t have much use for table runners, nor do I bake much for pot lucks that I’d need a padded casserole dish cover.

Learning to sew
Learning to sew

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Re-fashion and Up-cycling Fashion

What I’d like to learn how to do is re-fashion and up-cycle clothing. I’d say it’s about fashion and style, but I’m just being thrifty. I cut up t-shirts and jeans for shorts, but I’ve never gotten very comfortable with the sewing machine. I know how to hand stitch out of necessity, but learning to sew on a sewing machine will hopefully slow my life down, and help me to relax.

I used to crochet and spent a season crocheting afghans and hats, but as I got older my hands started hurting. I gave knitting a try too but I quickly lost count with each stitch, and hands started hurting.

I like the idea of being domesticated and feminine. I’m embracing being like the Proverbs 31 woman, and find inspiration via Pinterest:

Pinterest Screenshot
Pinterest screenshot

Craft Room 

Last week, I dismantled my son’s old bunk bed and will be clearing out an extra room so I can finally set up that sewing machine. I have loads of scrap material, and all I need is time. I’ll start small, maybe a little bean bag or two.

What do you want to learn next?

2 thoughts on “I Want To Learn How to Sew

  1. I would love to learn to sew! I’m addicted to cooking, knitting, gardening and other domestic activities that involve making my own stuff. (I chronicle my projects on my other blog: https://whenitsathome.wordpress.com/ ) I am extremely clumsy, and have a repetitive strain injury in one arm, so sewing has always been a challenge for me. Nevertheless, I really wish I could make my own clothes! Would love to hear how this goes for you.

    1. Thanks for the comment. lol! I’m going to attempt a Pinterest DIY project, something small. I’ll see how I do with the sewing machine this weekend. I’ll have to check out your other blog too. Thanks for the link.

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