Catching the Partial Solar Eclipse Moments

Life feels like an eclipse right now. Summer is the sun, and I’m waiting for the all clear until summer break. It’s a Thursday. I’ve enjoyed watching The Voice, and there’s a partial solar eclipse today.

Photo courtesy of KITV
  • WARNING: Never look directly at the sun during an eclipse with a telescope or your unaided eye. Severe eye damage can result and scientists use special filters to safely view the sun.

The close of the school year is quite hectic, and stressful. I’m just plain tired. The students check out and are done, yet we still keep teaching to deaf ears. Teachers at my school put together the First Failure List and the Second Failure List. We list down all students in danger of failing the course: definite and possible. It’s supposed to be confidential, but of course, you’ll have those teachers that warn students about the F-List.

In hindsight, creating such a list is probably frowned upon, after all, we are supposed to root for all students until the very end, but administration needs an idea of the numbers in order to prepare for summer school. Call me crazy, but I am considering teaching this summer.

Students are desperate for school credit, especially seniors who don’t take their 1/2 credit for Health until their last year, instead of in their Freshman or Sophomore year. I teach an online Health class so these students are frantically trying to keep up with their regular school work that they all but forget about their online course. This is a pain when they do nothing, and expect to “walk” at their graduation ceremony.

So my F-List is done for my regular job with the 8th graders, and I refuse to drop the passing percentage. I turn in my Pass/Fail list of seniors for my online course. And the end of the school year is usually filled with panicked parents who finally contact the school regarding student failure. Really? Last school year, a parent wanted a meeting with me and administration on the very last day of school. She lost, I won, but the whole rigamarole is irritating.

At the same time, I’m already planning for next school year, and adjusting my curriculum maps. For now? I need to enjoy the special moments like a partial solar eclipse. A full eclipse won’t be seen from Hawaii for another three years. It’s moments like taking the time to enjoy an eclipse that can quickly come and go.

Need to slow down and enjoy the little moments. . . . what do you do?