30 Minutes Max, Unnecessary Stress

Okay… I’m visiting the social security office today because I need a replacement card. When I was in the third grade, I was proud of my new cursive signature so I laminated my social security card because of its importance.

Well, many years later, the last time I visited the DMV, the clerk suggested I get a new card only because official agencies are frowning against the lamination – government or state – I don’t know which exactly.

So I’m in the area and thought why not drop by the office. It’s summer, I’m in no hurry and its mid-day… it shouldn’t be that bad of a wait. No problem.

Except for the fact that I parked in front of a Starbucks and the stall said “30 Minutes max.” That was almost 28 minutes ago and I’m still waiting…
Ugh! Why do I put this kind if pressure on myself? I could leave and find another parking space, foregoing my place in line. Or I could take my chances, wait until I’m called and pray nothing happens to my car.

What’s amusing me and keeping me preoccupied as I wait to be called is this unnecessary stress I’m inflicting on myself. Ugh.

The office closes in 35 minutes and I’ve been waiting almost 40 minutes. My 30 minutes parking limit is up, and I’m getting anxious. Tick-tick. I should end this post, I’m feeling my thumbs getting hyper, and a knot is forming in my neck.

They’re calling out numbers faster now, I know because it’s a state office and they close in 29 minutes, yet it’s not my turn. God grant me patience, please…. and forgiveness as it seems I cry out in distress. Oh, now I’m being dramatic.
The view from my seat through the blinds and all I see is the top of a Chevron station.

Okay, I’ll relax…. not my will, thy will be done. I’m hitting publish, typos and all. Finally got called. Waited 60 minutes to turn in a form. I spent two minutes at the window! And nothing happened to my car. =)

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