Learning to Stay Quiet, and Pray

School bus depot on the beach
Random photo I found of a school bus depot on the beach (Photo credit: 4nitsirk)

So school officially starts on Monday. We welcome our little 7th graders to 7th grade orientation (without the 8th graders) and give them the grand tour and get kids acclimated to their schedule and help them get comfortable. Five elementary schools all feed in to our intermediate school for a total 7th and 8th grade population of about 1300 students.

Teachers reported back to work for administration day, work days and a complex area meeting about new state-wide regulations about testing and teacher evaluation. It does not put me into a good mood.

What I came back to was more school-wide teacher drama.

I swear, the social aspect of working (anywhere) always has an element of gossip and backbiting. The education field, no matter how “professional” it’s supposed to be has its share. I vowed to myself to keep away from gossips and negative thinking. Then I realized that it’s going to be pretty lonesome hanging out by myself.

It times like this when I need to remind myself of purpose. I’m there because  (1) It’s my job and (2) I enjoy teaching students.

At our complex area meeting, we learned a few new things about implementation in teacher evaluations and more changes to come in the field. It is as expected. However, I have never felt so overwhelmed by all the negativity. People dwell on the negative, grumble, and never come up with solutions to better the situation. Then they blame. .  .others.

Am I so different? Here I am complaining about complainers! Oh well. For now, I’ll just pray. I will be still, and know that He is God.