Not All Teachers Get Technology

Mid-quarter is upon us and I’ve been teaching my latest group of 7th graders for about five weeks now. So far, so good. Routines are underway and I’ve been front-loading a lot of my lessons in order to prepare for flipping the classroom.

Yesterday, I was one of the presenters for a technology professional development session with staff and faculty. I’m confident I did well because I love incorporating technology with classroom instruction. I shared about flipping the classroom using google sites, blogging with students and using VoiceThread.

Comments such as, “you don’t need technology to obtain high scores” is just an excuse to avoid technique. We need to embrace technology to be relevant for today’s 21st century learner. It’s about student engagement.

What is daunting is all the unwarranted comments and gossip/backbiting when it comes to working with colleagues. I try to stay clear of negative energy but when it’s quiet and reflection begins, it is hard to avoid the feeling that I am not liked for being good at what I do. I usually don’t give a bl**p but when you’re tired, some of that insecurity seeps in.

And so I sit and blog on my phone, sharing with my WordPress world the *sigh* “I’m so tired of it all screw the rest of the world they don’t get me loving technology” rant.

But you get me, don’t you? that’s why we blog. How was your week?

It’s a weak picture but I snapped this info from my colleague’s presentation. What impresses me most is that she’ll be retiring at the end of the school year, but she still stays current, always learning for herself and for our students. Don’t we all need friends like that?