Schooling From Home

This second year of homeschooling is so much better than last year. Although we’re still doing the public charter school thing, my son only goes to live classes once a week and the rest is at home. I’m better equipped to monitor his education because I know what I want out of their program.  He is so much happier now.

As a classroom teacher, I know what should be done and expect a lot out of my son’s teachers at the charter school. This program works so much better because as his learning coach I get a lot of say as what and how I need him to learn. Emotionally, homeschooling is a lot better because I am confident with more control over the situation.

The education system nationwide is going over an overhaul with stricter regulations and accountability with teachers. At least in Hawaii, the Department of Education is rolling out a monitoring program that scares a lot of teachers because this implemented rating system has potential to rid of teachers who don’t perform very well.

BCDS Student with Laptop
Student with Laptop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not worried of losing my own job, but when it comes to my son’s education, I only want him surrounded by competent teachers who can help him the most. There are some issues with the charter school,  but at least I know how to work around the educational system.

Wouldn’t I ideally wish I could be a stay at home parent and homeschool without care of finances or other external, societal negative influences reaching my child? Sure. But this is where God has me at the moment. This is where I’ll learn to flourish and grow with His help and guidance.