Creating a Safe Environment at Home to Learn

I had an interesting conversation with a colleague of mine at a teacher workshop we were both attending. She asked about my son and where he’s going to school, so I shared about the public charter blended online school he’s attending. Basically, I’m schooling him at home.

She opened up and shared the same frustrations about her younger son who was tested for dyslexia too. He’s in the public school system, and so it was reassuring to me that I wasn’t alone in my feelings about somehow feeling inadequate as an educator when our own child is dealing with a reading disability. We know so much on how to help children learn, but feel helpless, when we see our own child struggle.

Because my son is the same age as my current crop of seventh graders, my coworkers ask me why I never enrolled him at our school. It’d be awkward. But honestly, I like having total control over the environment in which my son can learn. There are a lot of good programs in my school, but I choose to keep him out of the influences of certain environments because I can.

As his parent, I can create a safe learning environment at home. I can also control the curriculum and apply his strengths as needed while not harping on the weaknesses. I want to create a place where he feels safe to make mistakes while learning. At the same time, I need to leave the woes of my issues with his public charter school behind.

Homeschool Bliss

I’m glad to be homeschooling. It’s still the best decision I’ve made. I wish I didn’t have to be a single mom and could be at home with my son, teaching him the way he needs, with the love, care and guidance. I don’t want to get angry nor envious of others or start whining about what my life isn’t.

I count my blessings. . .and as special as my circumstances may be, I can always count on God to guide me.