Thinking Beyond Teaching, Maybe

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Vice Principal and another official conduct a preliminary damage assessment tour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The longer I work in the field of education as a teacher, I see areas that can always improve for the better. So I have my interests in perhaps entering the administration level of education like becoming a vice-principal.

At that level, I suppose I could have certain authority and responsibility to make change. But another thought enters my head, and that is, I will most likely work with adults more than with children. I have a problem with that.

I don’t always get along with other adults. As a teacher, I suppose I am on the same “level” as other teachers but as an administrator I suppose I would be looked at differently. I’ll be placed in a different realm of being treated and/or respected or not. Then, of course, it may be at a different school where they wouldn’t know me as a teacher, so that could be different.

I don’t consider this for egotistical reasons, but maybe I’m just getting antsy and looking for something new. The money would be way better, but the responsibility would be heightened with its own set of issues. So its just a consideration.

I tell myself I shouldn’t make any major changes while my son is at this precarious age. His just turned twelve and so I think I need to focus on him while he enters and then finishes secondary schooling.