Teacher Mentoring Workshop, Running Into An Old Classmate

English: NWP teachers at work
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I attended a teacher mentoring workshop last week, and ran into an old classmate of mine.

My first thought was, “Woah! She looks old!” After the niceties, small talk and hugs, I sat down to learn about mentoring other teachers.

It wasn’t awkward for me at all to run into an old classmate. We were cool, casual classmates and were in a lot of each other’s classes but we were never besties. The scary part is that she’s planning our class 25th high school reunion. Ugh!

She entered the teaching profession straight out of college, became an English teacher, moved schools then became a high school counselor, now she works in the new teacher mentoring program but still part of the department of education.

I wonder how fresh teachers need to keep moving in order to have longevity in education. I’ve also thought of other areas of the education field I might enter in order to keep myself sane in this business.

The mentoring workshop was good and informative about helping out new teachers remaining in the field. Oftentimes, new beginning teachers don’t make it past the fifth year of teaching without the proper support. When a new teacher feels unsupported, the ones who suffer the most as a result are the children.

I never thought of that aspect. After almost ten years teaching, I’ve come across those newbie teachers, eager to please and wanting to prove they’ve got the stuff. It gets annoying when  fresh-faced newbie comes along thinking they’ve got all the answers, but on the other hand experience has taught me differently. Unfortunately, some of these newbies can go either way.

There’s one particular newbie who is fresh out of college and this is her first-ever job who is driving everyone around her crazy with her lack of common sense questions. What’ also hard is that she’s only here for one semester. By the time a mentor works with her, she is gone. I wonder if the investment is worth the trouble? Those are the kinds of questions I think about. In the end is it really worth it?