Balancing My Homeschooling Schedule With a Pre-Teen

 Since I work full-time teaching and chose to homeschool my son, I need help with balance. I’m a single mom and my son is twelve. Ideally, I’ve asked him to read through his assignments (while I’m at work) and when I get home we go over areas where he needs help and more explanation. So in a sense, I’ve “flipped” the teaching method here.

Whatever he can do without me should be done while I’m at work. But that isn’t always workable since he’s a pre-teen. I don’t mind that he wakes up late, after all he’s a growing boy and needs his sleep. I do mind that his first choice is online gaming rather than hitting the books.

Another aspect is that the curriculum I’ve chosen is online as well so I can’t configure the computer to eliminate the gamin since he needs it to do his lessons. I’ve played around with different user accounts and playing around with parental guidance features, but the bottom line is instilling in him a work ethic where he will take responsibility for his learning.

It is slowing working as he’s gone weeks at a time without his computer for gaming, but it can get frustrating when he doesn’t go along with what I have scheduled.

As with learning differences and learning styles with my own students, I’d like to take my own son’s strengths and areas of needing improvement into consideration to have the best optimal working environment for his learning. Some people have accused me of it all being too much work.

Absolutely, when it comes to my son, it is worth it and very necessary.