Reading What’s In My Closet

I have way too many books in the closet that I haven’t read. .  .yet.

It’s more true in my classroom library. Certain books were inherited upon moving into the classroom from the previous occupant. Others given and forwarded by the curriculum coordinator as suggested novels for students to read.

Well, I’ve stumbled upon a few where I am not too sure certain students are mature enough to to read. I took him the following three books by this one author over the summer because I was curious.

They’ve been praised by reviewers, etc. and the poetry approach to the novel is different and very appropriate and relatable to teen audiences. So I’ve got no problems with style here.

While each character is honest and forthcoming with their struggle as a angst-ridden teen, as a parent I draw the line of allowing certain of these books, or books such as these in my classroom library for being sexually inappropriate.

I’m sure mature readers and those who are responsible to know right from wrong to begin with can keep an open mind about the topics in these books.

I personally wouldn’t want the young teenage girls in my life exposed to these books that they may mistake that I allow such teenage behavior and activity found in the books.

I guess I’m a prude, but I can’t do it. There are other types of reading out there suitable for people’s tastes, but my maternal instincts kick in and I just have to say no, thank you..

Nothing against the author, just the subject matter. Writing teen novels in poetry isn’t new either, but it is clever enough for the adolescent mind to think its cool.

It moves quickly from page to page whereas regular prose can be daunting for a young reader.

Oh well…. my two cents.