Disney World – Fall Break

So we’re at Disney World this week, I never thought I’d say this but babies, families with young children and the handicapped wheelchair annoy me.

Travel websites say that the best time to visit Orlando is in October when the crowds aren’t as heavy. Oh it’s still crowded, but breathable and somewhat more maneuverable.

We did arrive during the tail end of a thunderstorm, and everyone was prepared with ponchos except us. I don’t mind getting rained on because it eases the humidity.

I may sound irritated but in order to get past the jet lag (8+hours from Hawaii and 1 stop over in Atlanta isn’t bad at all), I had to force an outing to Magic Kingdom, which so much like Disneyland and familiar.

So talk about extreme time zones and going clear across to the other side of the country.

I am on Fall Break and blogging because it’s 4am and my body is still adjusting to the eastern time zone. But hey, blogging is recreational for me since I can’t blog as much when I’m working.

So I’ll probably blog about our adventures here this week. Stay tuned…