Disney World Magic Bands, Technology Upgrade

As much as I love technology and gadgets, Disney has not disappointed. I thought electronic key cards and fast pass entries were brilliant, but Disney has taken it up another notch with Magic Bands and the My Disney Experience app!

Sorry the pic is sideways but I’m blogging on my phone. Everything is synced to the band. It’s a key card to the resort hotels, you can charge purchases and meals, park hopper tix, and best of all get Fast Pass tickets!

You can schedule your Fast Passes via the app ahead of time and I am floored. You don’t even need to go to the ride to swipe your card for a ticket for the return.

As a result, there’s free wi-fi available throughout Disney World. It works great when it works but sucks when the wi-fi gods don’t cooperate. Ever notice that when the weather is crappy, wi-fi gets yucky too?

I love touching the Mickey ears electronically and seeing the green swirl for approval. Oh sure it has it’s glitches, but the cast members can fix it on the spot (so far) but it beats bringing out the credit card and/or keeping tickets in a safe place.

They still provide electronic key cards as a back up and I haven’t gone to the water parks yet with the magic band but it’s supposed to be water proof too.