Teacher Mental Health Days

It’s been a whirlwind at work this year with so many changes in the public school system. After years of mediocrity, the state is finally putting into place measures to deal with crappy teachers. Sure the system is ideal, but it places pressure upon ALL teachers.

Every once in a while, enough is enough… at least for a couple of days. Thus. time off, cash in the sick leave and enjoy a self-prescribed four day weekend.

So much of what I read out there in teacher blogs are the nice things – “I’m happy to be a teacher, and I love what I do because my students are adorable and I want to make a difference kind of things.” Then again, there is the public point of view that we get holidays off and play with children all day long. How we are public servants and baby sit children all day long. Well. . .

How about being attacked by parents? And being manipulated by students who tell parents that teachers don’t like them and gave them an F for not studying for a quiz? Accusations by pre-teens and parents who don’t find any fault in their little darlings? After all, children are a reflection of parenting. Maybe its just the community I work in?

Never mind the expectations of administration and working with other teachers who don’t know what the hell they’re doing?

So I took a mental health day – to gather myself, regroup and rethink what I need to do and face the classroom concerns when I go back to work on Monday.

Image by: http://www.mymentalhealthday.org/