Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock and Re-Igniting My Love of Reading Again

Last week, I attended a teacher workshop featuring Penny Kittle, an English teacher and Literacy Coach from New Hampshire. Teachers are always attending professional development and in some ways it is encouraging and frustrating at the same time. We get motivated in our love of teaching, learning new strategies, feeling renewed to implement ideas in class and then quickly find the frustration and restriction of policies and therefore may not be able to fully implement what we are excited about.

I really loathe the negativity of teachers who complain about they system, the kids, the work, but I seem to be needing to blog about it for my own sanity.

Endurance. Persevere. On the top of my head, I know I must.

Penny Kittle, refocused me on the love of reading and writing again. Its the enthusiasm and enjoyment that reignited my passion for teaching. She mentioned a YA book that I picked up recently and finished last night.

It was Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick. I enjoyed it very much on multiple levels.

As a middle school teacher, I thought no way can I recommend this book to my students. Typically, they are way too immature for it. On a personal level, I was moved by the honesty and vulnerability that the story touched upon. I’m not going to do a book critique or review like that, but I will say that I have added Leonard Peacock to my list of endearing protagonists that I adore.

As a reading teacher, I need to read for the love of it, not because it is my job or a paycheck. What are you currently reading?