Teacher Tutors for Supplemental Income

In addition to being a classroom teacher, and I single mom. . . I tutor dyslexic children after school. Since my son is also dyslexic, I became certified to tutor dyslexic and struggling readers with the Orton – Gillingham multi-sensory language approach to reading.

Well, long story short. I do have mixed feelings and guilt about time. My son is 12 years old now, and well, he is in the phase where he is claiming his independence and not wanting to hangout with mom all the time. So in order to also supplement income, I started a private tutoring business. My heart does go out to these families that I meet because I know what they are going through to help their children with school, and the expectations of learning to keep up with the educational system. But time is very precious.

I encountered a family with a similar situation in helping their 1st grade son. His reading seems fine, but struggles with writing and spelling. His foundations are weak and he does not recognize a lot of the basic phonics so crucial to become a confident reader and writer.

Business practice is business practice. But after meeting with the kid for three sessions, I still had not received payment for my services! I asked for payment in advance, even set up PayPal for ease of payment exchange. The child attends a private school, and the parents work split shifts.

I finally cancelled sessions until I could receive payment. It is doubtful that sessions will continue, but I am just appalled with such dishonesty. I am so gullible. My heart goes out to the hurting child, but still everyone has their circumstances, and I wasn’t about to give away services for free.

As I was tutoring in the library, a random parent walked up to my table and inquired about my tutoring services. He was impressed with drilling of the student in front of me and he shared about his son. I grew suspicious, sizing him up, and wondering if would be able to pay. I caught myself pre-judging this family. He asked for my card and we’ll take if from there, but I suppose that’s just part of a small private tutoring business.