Changes in Public Schools Affects My Mental Health


Sifting through many of the student tweets on the above post, I am amused and give out a resounding, “Well, duh!”

I find myself agreeing with all of them. Yet educational systems don’t seem to hear what kids actually need from them. Thanks to the Common Core, we are testing the heck out of our students nationwide with need to prove growth in learning, judging whether teachers are actually doing their job.

But is there actual learning going on?

The tweet that confirmed my own thoughts was that of actually offering courses that students can apply to life and the uselessness of homework given each night.

In the article, “Education Week: Hawaii Regains Footing After Early Stumbles on Race to Top,” it mentioned Hawaii’s dealing with low-income students migrating to the state, even as far as the Marshall Islands, and how the people scoffed at the government for investing in Hawaii. It is reported, however, that the state has made large gains in the reform. But as a Hawaii DOE teacher, it hurts, and the students are suffering.

I can’t comment on the effects of the changes with Race to the Top yet because we are still surfing that wave. I’m sure we’ll feel the trickle resulting of that major plop in the ocean like the nuclear testing of weapons on the Marshall Islands during the Cold War.

We are changing curriculum, transitioning to the Common Core Standards and will also be extending the school day effective next school year. And we still haven’t finished this year yet.

It is taking its toll on my mental health greatly. I’ll write about how I’m coping in the blogs to follow.