Something So Strong… Is Always There to Remind Me

When I read the title to this daily prompt, the Crowded House song automatically popped into my head. Eeks. .  .Crowded who? Click here for the video.

. . .and I giggle that after all this time I recall singing along to the the chorus, recall the video on MTV (y’know when MTV still played music videos!).

Then, in my forty-something mind. . . .those lyrics blend into the line “Always something there to remind me. . . “ by Naked Eyes. I googled the two lines to confirm song titles and artists. Naked wha-? For the video, click here.

I’ve read somewhere that where you spend your adolescent years, most especially your pre-teen years significantly shapes your life.

And true to form, these songs lovingly came out in the mid-to late eighties when I was in high school.  Although I hated high school, I remember it fondly. I spent those years, trying to get off this little rock in the Pacific because my best friend had moved after middle school, and I didn’t really have a significant BFF until college.

Eventually, I did meet up with the likes of Morrisey and the Smiths, R.E.M., Depeche Mode, Souixsie and Echo and the Bunnymen, Robert Smith. . .and so. . .  . I hung in there until graduation.

Growing up in bikini-clad Hawaii, I longed for colder weather. I wanted to run away to London, and I still do.

. . . eventually, I ended up in San Francisco, inching my way eastward.

In the era of “finding myself” and all the angst of becoming an adult, I longed for stable friendships and not just drinking buddies.

Finding a strong best friend came through an argument, a loud one. We fought, screamed, yelled at each other, short of throwing fists. She, however, listened to Christian music, gospel, etc. . . Her favorite singer was Amy Grant. Really? She was my brother’s girlfriend, (now wife.)

But now, she is the sister I never had: we’ve been through disagreements, compromises, heartache and stretch marks. We’ll have future grandchildren play together, and we’ll hang out at coffee shops using our senior citizen discounts.

God places specific persons into our lives with purpose.

Similarly, the same happened with my college roommate. The fights. The opposite attraction. She was a Rick Astely “Never Gonna Give You Up,” Erasure, “Oh, L’Amour” international fan and student from the Middle East. Our cultural diversity seemed a barrier at first, but we were young women in college, far from family and found similarities to survive our loneliness.

She dragged me to a Duran Duran reunion tour on the East Bay, and I unashamedly danced on the lawn to “Reflex” and screamed with joy when “Rio” and “Girls on Film” filled the night sky.

We laughed at a Duranie couple, lost in nostalgic bliss, who had their pre-teen daughter curled in a sleeping bag at their feet. The amphitheatre lawn was filled with middle-aged Duranies, singing along with Simon LeBon.

I’ve discovered that authentic friendships (surpassing superficiality) will stand the “test of time” (ouch! a cliché). It draws upon challenges that will grow the friendship into something substantial.

Shakespeare said, “All the world is a stage. And all the men and women merely players.”

So many people come and go in our lives, and I am grateful for the ones that put up with the b*llsh*t and love us unconditionally enough to hang around.

Strong friendships are the ones who listen to pipe-dreams and don’t laugh at you when they don’t come true. They aren’t afraid to challenge you when you’re wrong.

A strong friendship like this keeps me humble, keeps me real with who I am.


This post was inspired by Daily Prompt: Something So Strong | The Daily Post.