If you Leave. . .(Pros and Cons ) to whether I should stay or go

Is The Daily Post channeling old Eighties classics? The Daily Prompt: If You Leave prompt brought me back to the Pretty In Pink soundtrack.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (also known as OMD). 1986. Youtube it (or click here)

Duckie. Molly Ringwald. Classic.

Anyways, like Andie leaving the record shop and Duckie for other opportunities. . .

. .  .the other guys she co-starred with in so many other John Hughes films, and James Spader. . .

. .  . life is indeed a series of beginnings and endings. Like what The Clash asks, “Should I stay or should I go?”

Humble beginnings

When I first started classroom teaching, I joined a team with a veteran math teacher, and she took me under her wing. She decided to retire a couple of weeks ago, (in the middle of the school year) because, well…. she’d had enough.

As a newbie, she had made me promise to not leave the team or school until she retired. That was a little over ten years ago. We had gotten along so well that she didn’t want to break in another team partner and the sentiment was endearing. I relied heavily on her friendship, expertise and wisdom as well. Another colleague of mine, our team counselor also retired earlier in the school year due to illness so both of their absences took its toll on me.


Well, with my support gone, I feel like running away from this job myself!

Do I stick around with changes in public education and the expectations of teacher evaluations being rammed down our throats? Do I transfer to a new school? Same job, new people, probably the same b*llsh*t.

The Teacher Assignments and Transferring Program has been officially posted for the State of Hawaii. (Our state prides itself as unique because we are also a statewide district.)

What might be the pros and cons of leaving my current place of employment?

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 3.52.47 PM

How about if I focus on the benefits of my staying in my current place of employment?

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 3.55.18 PM


I may sound like I’m boasting because I get what I want, when I want (not really) but eventually. . .

. . .only because I put in the time, work and personal investment to do the best job I can for my students.

I may gloat about being spoiled (with clout in opinion, experience and materialism), but its because I’ve worked my a** off and have worked extra hard to. . .bring it.

I’ve brought it, and I do good work.

People may bitch and complain when things don’t go their way, (and I’ve been privy to many of these sharing by all kinds of teachers and educators who have come and gone in my school).

And while it is painful to be left behind , I want to run away because I can’t brunt the burden of trying to keep it together. Yes, the grass isn’t always greener.The reality is I may also be too lazy, complacent. . .to move anywhere  else right now.

Besides, if a lover keeps wooing me with gifts, I tell myself I can stick around a little while longer. Right?

My students do well – emotionally, socially, academically. Test scores have shown it. I’ve got a good track record, worthy of being wooed.

I read other teacher blogs from time to time, and I envy their enthusiasm. When at the end of the day, I am just tired. The heartfelt, positive outlook publicly proclaimed on blogs make me cringe in comparison. Oh, I know I shouldn’t compare, but. . .

We do what we can for the kids.

Keiki means child in Hawaiian. I’ve seen this on bumper stickers (and it makes me smile).

This post was inspired in part by the Daily Prompt: If You Leave | The Daily Post.