Caught in the World of ‘FANGIRL’

Fangirl was an adorable read. It reminded me of my first year at college.

The main character’s obsession and involvement of the fandom world fascinated me. The author truly captured authentic beings dealing with real problems.

It was a fresh plotline, and drew me into the fandom world and psyche. It was done in an intelligent way rather than groupie-like, bizarre antics of crazed Justin Bieber or One Direction fans.

I couldn’t help but wonder if the fandom storyline was poking fun of the Harry Potter series, but nonetheless, it was a smart, and sassy read.

The family heartache, and challenges of dealing with a manic father, filled me with compassion on how illness as such affects the whole family.

I haven’t finished Rainbow Rowell’s first novel yet, Eleanor & Park (I’m struggling through it). I don’t find it quite as interesting, aside from the weirdness of the characters and set in the Eighties, you’d think I’d be into it with the musical reference, but I guess I’m not.

It’s nice to come across a YA author that writes realistic fiction that is still. .  .well, sorta relatable. Maybe I just needed a break from dystopian novels, and found this a real treat.

Sometimes we read to escape, other times we read to connect.

5 thoughts on “Caught in the World of ‘FANGIRL’

      1. Yay, I can’t wait for it to arrive next week! I’m currently deep in the midst of editing my own book for my publisher and just waiting for a new haul of YA novels to arrive in the post to read (including Fangirl).

      2. Ooh! gotta love the revision process…. hope to see your novel on the shelves soon. Would love to read about your progress into publishing!

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