Springing Into Life

Spring is definitely in the air, and it should be a good thing. It is a great thing to focus on, something positive. Spring means change, and change is good, right?

While the rest of the country is undergoing snowstorms, and I can’t even imagine what that would be like, because in Hawaii, all we can complain about is rain and humidity. . .and vog. Well, having no tradewinds suck too.

But back to spring.

Spring means new life, fresh growth and a bud that blossoms is a beautiful outlook on life.

Growing up, I loved the smell of gardenia. I used to bring my kindergarten teacher a gardenia from our yard because  she was nice.

I love the plumeria. It makes me smile.

When I think of Hawaii, I think of leis, and the easiest lei to sew together is with plumerias. I used to climb plumeria trees with plastic bags dangling from my arms  to pick the freshest flowers, that haven’t fully bloomed yet, or wilted. Good memories.

Another flower when I think of Hawaii is the hibiscus. This flower is special, and the red is typical, but I personally like the other blends of colors, like red on yellow. or yellow on red. 

In elementary school, we learned the anatomy of the hibiscus, and I loved pulling the flower apart, examining it, dissecting it.

Why am I on this flower kick? I swear the post started off with another point.

But as I thought about flowers, it made me happy.

And the point is that with the onset of spring,  there is regrowth.

The little reminders of spring helps me focus on the positive, and forces me beyond the gloom and doom of depression, placing some color into my life to where I can smile again.