What causes depression?

*Note: this is a Christian point of view with bible scripture 20140331-095518.jpg
As a believer in Christ, the answer is obvious. How can there be darkness if you keep yourself in the light? That’s the problem with believers who find themselves depressed, isn’t it?!

We struggle with remaining in the light. Maybe we don’t try hard enough.

How can we possibly be depressed as long as we are in Christ? And if we don’t keep ourselves in Christ then it’s our own fault.

Selah (calmly pause and think about that…)

I’ve stopped attending church because of the condemnation. Whether it be my own insecurity or paranoia, I struggle with the inauthenticity of church.

Are they really as sacrificial as they claim to be? Do people really stand by you and do life or walk alongside of you when you need help?

I love The Lord with all my heart, but I’d rather hang out with non-Christians because they don’t judge as strongly as those from within the church walls.

Years ago, I was referred to see a Christian counselor. She knew the bible well and helped me focus on God, but my issues was with the church so I didn’t continue with her.

Anger and depression is a cycle and I’m slowly identifying where I need the help.

I try. Each day I’ll set aside time, open up the bible and pray. Sometimes I last a minute, sometimes I can’t. I pray Jesus sees my heart, because all I can do is try.