Driving Me Crazy, (Unhealthy) Female Competition

This prompt isn’t a good one for me right now since I’m having anger issues about my parents. There are a few things I could probably complain about my mom because that is who I would automatically complain about at the moment.

However, this prompt does remind me that I dislike female friends.

What is it about female friendships (in my past) that drive me bonkers?

Females can get:

1) catty
2) competitive
3) jealousy
4) bitchy
5) competitive
6) competitive

Okay. . . I’ve got a theme.

Female friendships drive me crazy because they can get competitive.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had very positive experiences in this area, so as a result, female friendships I try to avoid, because they drive me crazy.

Inspired by: Daily Prompt: She Drives Me Crazy | The Daily Post.