Summertime Plans: Teaching Summer School

Idyllically summer should be heaven in Hawaii. It is not. I dislike it. When you live here 24/7, it gets boring. I don’t necessarily live on the beach, and it does get cold during the winter season, where the swells are monstrous, but when planning for vacations, I want to get off the island.

So summertime isn’t exactly ideal to go traveling from Hawaii. It is costly to go anywhere, so I try to go anywhere off-peak season. We took a family vacation to Orlando for DisneyWorld and Universal Florida during Fall Break. Spring Break is too short to leave for the mainland to make travel plans cost effective, unless I’m crashing with with friends or family.

So. . . my summertime plans? I think I’m going to teach summer school.

Teachers work second jobs, especially single parent ones. I’m already thinking of the summer school schedule, and creating time slots for potential tutoring sessions for current students. I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiry regarding private tutoring, so I suppose summer will be great for getting kiddos caught up with reading skills.

With those kind of summer plans in mind, I’m thinking ahead to a Fall Break vacation. And I want to see color changes, and leaves falling! Seriously…   We have trees that change color and fall to the ground in autumn, but not a lot. I want to feel the crispness of the air (before it snows, or rains).

So my summertime plans will be to work and earn some extra income. I’ll just have to purposely make those lesson plans from the beaches, in the afternoons, and watch the sunset.  Hmmm. . . . haven’t committed to summer school plans, yet…. its just a plan.

Inspired by: Daily Prompt: In the Summertime | The Daily Post.


8 thoughts on “Summertime Plans: Teaching Summer School

  1. I totally understand. I like the beaches and everything but did not have a strong desire to travel but if I lived there longer than we did that might had changed.. I did miss the cooler fall water, Ha! And I used to laugh at people missing winter in California. For an idea you can go to the Big Island (Hawaii) where it is cooler. Well, at least, sweater weather. Many people when to Alaska for vacation when I lived there.

    1. Lol! I know Mauna Kea on the Big Island has snow, but it’d be nice to ride and airplane more than just the 1/2 hour to another island. And then past the west coast every now and then. Alaska would be beautiful to visit someday.

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