Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant: students learn to expand their vocabulary

I just finished Allegiant. It was a decent end to a good series, but it went on longer than it should’ve and I found myself skimming through the last few pages. And no, I have no intentions on seeing the Divergent movie any time soon, not until it comes out on Netflix.

I loved the first novel, really getting into the characters, and the world behind the factions that the author, Veronica Roth, created. It was intriguing. The small group of initiates, and the budding romance between Four and Tris, was cute.

Later on in Insurgent and throughout Allegiant, the sexual tension (frustration) between the main characters, Tris and Four, became graphic without getting explicit. Of course, I look at this through the lens of an English Language Arts teacher because I know my 12 and 13 year old students will read it. I want them to read the novels instead of just watching the movie(s) and they still don’t understand the plot, which is a shame, because there is so much more when reading the novel(s).

What this particular series did do for some of my current bunch of students was introduce them to new vocabulary! At the very least: divergent, insurgent and allegiant. Although they still don’t know what they really mean. Ha!

I have to admit that the story  was very clever and heartwarming, especially the intricacies between the relationships and concepts behind stereotypes and belonging and the importance of family. I’m a little done with dystopian type sci-fi  young adult novels for the time being though.

[*Spoiler alert] I am disappointed with the ending, wanting ‘a happily ever after’ but I’ll just have to accept it. No happy ending a la Twilight where Bella, Edward and Renesmee live on in fictional bliss. The end was drawn out and corny, but some character resolutions and decisions were surprising. I’d had wanted to follow the less than important character resolves, but that’s just not it ended.

I’m sure they might live on in fandom worlds, but I’m done.