Sleeping in because I can on Black Friday

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I’m staying in because I can, and I will, and I’m still grateful.

No, I don’t do Black Friday or Cyber Monday. But I do need to get some milk, and I can’t really order that online.

Here’s a picture of fried fish. Just because I had it on my camera roll and writing this from my phone.

It’s still raining in Hawaii. It’s dark and gloomy. And I don’t feel like getting in my car to drive anywhere. 


People get mean when it rains and driving in traffic. And with Black Friday underway, people get disrespectful, rude and scary. So not the Aloha spirit.

“Lucky you live Hawaii!” is a saying I’ve heard all my life growing up in the islands. Sure. It’s not luck though, I’m blessed.

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