In all humility, I’m not a b*tch anymore

Humbling yourself isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We humble ourselves before the Lord, and with all humility, we put the needs of others before ourselves.

So I don’t get how we can eat humble pie?

There’s a time and place where we admit we’re wrong, and I don’t think that’s so bad.

To eat humble pie is to accept that you were wrong to start. With all good intentions, what if our awareness of our perceived truth we thought was right?

I suppose it goes with our judgements. We unknowingly make judgements all he time. I don’t set out to think certain ways of others based on assumptions. I know how bad it feels to be judged.

Someone told me a while ago, “I thought you were a major bitch when I first met you.”

“And now?” I inquired.

“You’re a nice one,” she said.

At the time I laughed it off. Her interpretation of a “nice bitch” was complimentary. I suppose she admired the strength and assertiveness in my personality.

Who ate humble pie here? Me or her?

Over the years, her statement made me realize that I probably give off a certain persona. No, I usually don’t take shit from anyone and I certainly have strong opinions.

Last night I stopped by the grocery store to finally get some milk. The cashier asked the man in front of me about his day. He grunted in reply. She then made an off comment about how people are meaner during the holidays.

I laughed and she looked at me ready to engage in conversation. The man finally replied, “maybe people are just tired.”

True that.

When she started ringing up my groceries, we engaged in small talk. It was sad that her attempt at polite conversation with people was only met with half-ass remarks as filler while she did her job. I smiled and laughed (which might of came across as cynicism) but people get grumpier over the holidays.

It’s extreme – sometimes the merriment and festivities only mask the inner turmoil. (Oh, that wasn’t very nice.)

Today? I don’t like coming across as a “bitch”.

In response to the Humble Pie prompt from the Daily Post.

Have some leftover pumpkin pie and  enjoy the holidays.