Doctor of philosophy? What’s that? The need to unplug.

So I’m about a year and a half into my doctoral program, and I’ve been toying with the idea of starting another blog for “professional” reasons.

“Ain’t no one got time for that!”


I enjoy writing, and I like blogging. The pressure of starting a more professional blog is self-inflicted. I do enough academic writing as it is with coursework. I read way too many studies from peer-reviewed journals that my brain and eyeballs hurt.

In one course (because I am an EdTech PhD student) we were urged to blog our assignments and give feedback to classmates there. I suppose it creates the online learning community educators are encouraged to do – professional learning communities is the term.

But this writing is personal. It relaxes me.

I don’t have to start another blog or create a dot com website to start branding myself, eventually I suppose.

But not now.

I am an EdTech student so why wouldn’t I be all up into the latest tech trends and social media stuff?

I am also an educator, so shouldn’t I be practicing what I preach and collaborating with educators around the world to enrich student learning?


I’m inactive on Facebook. Actually deactivated the account, but friends and family balked, so its still active and remains dormant. I deactivated Twitter. Too much stimulation. Instagram started out as a great filtering photo app, but it got too social and too many people take better photos than me. Deactivated. SnapChat, Kik? Too middle school. Periscope? I’ve checked it out briefly. I’ll delete the App off my phone soon. Pinterest amuses me still… until all I saw was the pretty young people that got pinned because I follow my teenage nieces boards. Anyone tried Hello? Well, I said goodbye to that one too.

I’m not very social for someone into educational technology. I also don’t own a TV.

I suppose the PhD pursuit satisfies my curiosity and fulfills my nerdiness for being a “life-long learner” – that’s Educationese for someone who spends time in libraries or online constantly researching and looking things up for knowledge acquisition simply for pleasure.

And I needed the confines of higher education to provide the parameters.

Such is my doctoral journey…Sometimes you just need to unplug from everything else in order to focus on what needs to get done.

But yet….somehow we remain connected, as long as I don’t lose my phone.


4 thoughts on “Doctor of philosophy? What’s that? The need to unplug.

  1. I understand your need to unplug. I actually did my PhD (in Instructional Design for Online Learning) online through Capella. It seemed the appropriate format for the content. So I was very plugged in during that 4-year journey. Then it ended and I really missed the forums and the professional conversations with others who could discuss Vigotsky! 🙂 So maybe when it is all over you will want to do a professional blog. I send best wishes for your doctoral work. It was one of the most enlightening paths I have taken.

    1. Thank you for the feedback@LuAnne! I’m starting my advanced courses before the dissertation, but I’m starting the lit review with my premise. *sigh… I see the light…

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